Tails of true love

Thats the name of this house mouse image that i snagged PIF from scrapperwannabe (Thanks Misti!) thought it would make a cute Anniversary card. Tims parents celebrated their 49th yesterday. this is 5X7 in real life. tfl.


Far North said...

Indeed this is a darling anniversary card! You know I love all your work and so I posted a blog award for you on my site...ENJOY!

Linda M. said...


I love the coloring you used. Just a touch of red on the card.

Wow!! 49 years? You don't hear people married that long anymore.


Susan said...

Hi Stacy. I just found out that you had a blog through the Wish Rak blog list. Why didn't I ever notice the link in your signature before? I just started my own blog 2 weeks ago.

Anyway... this is an adorable card. I really like the stitching and the quote.

Fink said...

Completely adorable! Tell them congrats for being together so long! My parents have been together 44 years!