late as usual *lately*

Jan gave me this as an blog award ( a while ago ) Thanks Jan! yep there have been others before this. just seems like there is never enough time to do all of these things... but, I really love one the way this particular one looks and two the thoughts behind it. I'm working on the trying to be a "better" blogging buddy again, but after so much time off it feels a little strange to go see what all is going on in everyone Else's lives that they post. I feel disconnected and am finding it much easier to just lurk. which is funny to me as i usually am not quiet.

interestingly enough i have noticed i find a lot of time to just think now that school is back in and especially during times i need to make the drive over the mountains and back to pick up dry ice for the shop. ( when i don't have time to write them down so i will remember them later)

I'm still *reading* the same Nora Roberts book on disc... today had to drive a non-driving welder out to do a field job and had time to listen to an entire disc at once. its not as much of a challenge as it was when i first got the CD player. the book is not word for word and sometimes it skips paragraphs (easy to pick up where they are again and sometimes it skips pages, not so easy, but, i am really hearing some of the words so the skimming and hunting is going faster that way. I find i sit in the living room at night and color or what not and if Tim is watching tv i can make out a lot of the words without looking at the closed captioning if its a man speaking. women are harder, i havent heard the high tones in so many years this is more work to figure out what those noises are...

J is the busiest he's ever been. mostly this is good, but it's a shock to him after having so much time on his hands over the summer to be doing so much more every day. (he's on the schools cross country team) which is hard and a challenge for him but, so far has had 3 races. think there are 4 more to go. the youth duck hunt is this next weekend.

did do some cards last weekend at Alice's stamp party and after but, all the photographs are in the other computer. so, will post them eventually i suppose. have a good what's left of the week!

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Far North said...

Oh glad you like the award...I thought it was a sweet one too. Thanks for catching us up on some of the news of what you are doing!
Hope you are enjoying more creative moments!