A Little upset

for some time now i have been considering stopping posting Projects made by me online. mostly i take comments to personal. I would imagine most people who do create and share do. you savor the nice ones and so the not so nice ones tend to zing. recently there was a challenge weekend hosted on a large stamp board. ( and i played ) and to be nice i started leaving comments on cards others had created. and a not so funny thing happened. I found a card i made that i donate as a gift to someone in her galley as something she had made that weekend during the challenges as "something she had fun making" and the funny part is, I have that same exact card before i gave it away in my gallery in several sites along with this blog... nope I have not said a word to her, or to anyone else. and I have let it eat at me all weekend. I'm very aware that when you give something away they can do what they want with it. But, this really shocks me. I have never claimed something that was given to me as "mine" and that's the part that hurts. and so, then i got another comment that really bugged me on one of my challenge cards, and I have such a hard time following these directions for the challenge. the what makes them a challenge i guess. but, I also know the cards will be used by troops and that's the bottom line for me. So I made as many as i could the way i wanted to. and i feel like I have "had enough" and its time for a break I originally started this blog as a way for me to remember things. and That's not what it is anymore. so, I'm going to take some time off and just think about it before i delete the whole thing.


Dawn said...

Ohh, Stacy that is the pits, I really hope you know that your art is fantastic, and the lady that did that to you was wrong, very very wrong. I assume it was NOT our veggie site, because we peas, would not stand for that, so come join us again, we miss ya!! and you should tell her, you really should!!!!

Ethel Amutan said...

HOLY COW! ARE YOU SERIOUS? I'm sorry to yell, but this has me seeing RED!!!! Stacy, in all honesty, I would love for you to "out" this person, but I also know you have a lot of class. If someone did that to me, I would rip them a new on the challenge blog where they posted my artwork. I know you wouldn't do that.....

Perhaps, you could email that person and let them know that YOU know THEY are a THIEF and liar. I'm so sorry this has happened to you.

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

I sure hope you don't delete your blog... It is a beautiful place to come and see your work, and hear your lovely voice!!!

Please...keep your art..

And do rat out the rat... I think that since she publicly claimed ownership of your work, in a challenge, you can publicly comment that 'oh my gosh! That's my card I sent you!'... and I even still have it here on my blog (with address)...

Don't let this eat away at you... please.. you deserve so much more..

Monica said...

I'm a regular reader of your blog but I don't always comment. I'm so sorry this happened to you. I agree with the others.. call her out on this!

I sure hope you won't delete your blog. I really enjoy seeing your creations and reading your posts. I'm very new to stamping and find alot of inspiration here!

Hope you feel better soon!

Linda M. said...


You have a style that is uniquely YOU. I am sure if people have seen her other works that they would realize that this is not her "typical works". I can tell what is someone's style and what isn't if I have known a certain person for awhile.

She has ONE PERSON to answer to in the end. Maybe the guilt will eat at her and she will confess/apologize. Is there someone that hosts the challenge that you can complain to about this? For forgery!

I hope that you keep your Blog. I really enjoy seeing your creations.

Maybe you can make your Blog private and only allow certain people to view it. I know that there are certain Blogs out there that you have to "clearance" to view.

Keep your Blog pleeezzzzeeee!!!


ScrappyPam said...

Stacy, I'm sorry this happened. If I were you, I would send an email - not to the person - but to the moderator or owner of that forum. Send all your backup info to support your claim, along with links where you originally posted the card. If it's the forum I think it is, claiming another person's work as theirs won't be tolerated.

This will give you the results you need without confronting the person directly. (Which I'm not sure will help, since they are obviously clueless to begin with.)

A lot of people (including myself) enjoy your blog. If the comments are bothering you, take them offline. You won't read the good things, but neither will you read the unpleasant stuff. You'll still be able to use your blog as intended that way.

I wish you the best in whatever you choose, and good luck dealing with the thief. (That's right, that's exactly what she is.)

reflections:0) said...

Don't let them win.. Stay here and do what it is that you do... You are very good at what you do let the others get to you they can go to HE_ _! You and I have been friends for a really long time even in person so, I feel your pain my friend... If you needed to talk I am just an E-mail away.... I have been dealing with family issues these last few months so, I have been gone from the boards for the most part but, for my friends I am always here...:0)


Thanh said...

Holy toledo! I sure as heck hope that this isnt someone on the same board that we share. I would lose it, honestly! I am so proud of you for holding your tongue and venting in a proper manor. I see that you've now dealt with it and have let it go. *hugs*

Penny said...

Stacy, I am so sorry I am so behind on commenting but this is just shocking!! How can someone do that and pass it off as their own?? I'll have to read on to see what happened but I hope you would let them know that it was YOUR creation! x

Monica G said...


You have wonderful talent and inspire me to make different sized cards than just the standard A@2!

Don't let her get away with this. Your call on what you do, but it's still stealing.

KardKrazy said...

Yikes, Stacy, that is really the pits. I can see how you'd be upset. No advice, just wanted you to know I appreciate how crappy that is:)

Stampin' Meg said...

Oh that just stinks Stacy. I am just amazed that she'd have the nerve to turn around and re-post it as hers! You are pretty well know around "that big stamp forum" how did she think it would squeak by. Don't let one turkey ruin it for you.

I would PM her with a comment like "hey that's a really nice card".
Then she'd know that you knew and maybe she'd think twice about pulling such a stunt again and would pull YOUR card from HER gallery.

Far North said...

O-oh Stacy this is so sad! I am sorry I didn't see this post earlier. In all my years of playing online I have NEVER heard of such a thing. I know this must be hard but please try to keep this one crazy person in perspective to all the wonderful folks with whom you have found great connections. I for one would truly miss seeing all of your special details especially the coloring and sewing! You always do exceptional work and I look forward to seeing it!

Tami Bayer said...

I am so sorry this happened to you Stacy. I've had things happen online that stunned me at the time. But if you consider how many wonderful experiences you have, let them be what shines in your mind. Let the crazy people go and move on. Hugs.