First day of school

was yesterday and for the most part it went well, and after 4 shots did get one with a smile where you could see the eyes under the mop. (right before school ended last year he came home one day sweating and demanded a hair cut, then has spent the rest of the summer growing out his hair again)
Oh the drama of it all makes me laugh. and makes me grateful that at this point under the sarcasm he still talks to me. yep, still shocks me but I'm almost getting used to that one too...
on another note, I have let someone in charge know about what that gal did. and so I am letting it go. I don't want to be sick about this anymore so that has to be good enough.
Probably wont delete the blogs and galleries i have, if i did what leg would i have to stand on? and my blog has become the dumping ground for all the things i shoot that don't make it into all the sites galleries. ( that's a lot of time to post to them all so i don't its rather hit or miss anymore)
So have a good day, and pass it on. and thanks for your support!


reflections:0) said...

Look how handsome J is...:0)

I am glad you are going to stay...:0)


Linda M. said...

I keep forgetting that there are still schools out there that start after Labor Day still.

I can see him in you, Stacy!!

We are going through issues with Joseph right now. He isn't even a teenager yet.

Thanks for staying put!!

Sharon said...

OMG, J is looking SO grown up!!! What a handsome young man you have there, Stacy!!!

I obviously need to catch up on your posts because I've missed the drama. At any rate, I'm happy to read you'll stick with the blog, and keep sharing your wonderful, beautiful work with the rest of us.


Atty said...

I am new to your site and what I've seen thus far is just adorable. Such Talent. I will be returning often and am so happy to read that you won't be shutting down.
I did read your other post and all I can say is ...Boy the Nerve. Hopefully that person will be set straight.
thanks for sharing.
Your son is cute, isn't it funny how as they get older they hate you to take their pictures.