Yard Sale goodies and Happy mail...

the stamp on the left i received images of it from PIF and i just I have wanted this stamp for a long time. found an ebay seller a few weeks ago that has new stamps (for less then anyone else selling stamps happen for new) and so i did a buy it now then added two more stamps to the pile because ebay had sent me a free shipping coupon... so the stamp on the right everyone one ebay is calling it the english robin (inkadinkado sketches collection) but it just has a number on the side.
this is the third stamp. Stamps happen D Morgan Boat Scene. ( it barley fits on a quarter sheet)
This one i was lucky enough to snag from Jada's sale she had a duplicate i think. PSX.
now then i went to yard sales yesterday and i picked up these stamps in the morning and they told me they would put out more stamps at one pm... so i went back at one pm.
and i added these,
and this and the very last stamp in this post ( the cute girl i think snake)
these stamps were all inside one big Ziploc baggie together for 2.00
(may become blog candies they are new stamps and old vintage size wood ( twice as thick as now a days stamps) but still pretty silly...remember these things?
hey if you don't like snakes ( even cute ones) do not scroll down past the next photo (buttons)
I picked these up at June's yard sale. vintage buttons (large ones) inside baby food jars... they had a lot more of them but, these were the most interesting to me ones.. gonna sort through these later today when we get home. snake photo below...
I don't think i have ever noticed a snake stamp ever before so it cracked me up to find this. mostly because of Julies vehement dislike. I don't actually like snakes but, i thought this was really cute... and Cute has become very catchy and caught me. :)
I remember being part of scrapbooker boards and seeing "cute" things on people pages and really not liking them because the cute things really took away from the photos... esp. the elaborate things (paper pieced and what not) just really is not my thing, and since then i have found i like cute things on cards... its a funny thing to learn about your self. its almost like a don't ban me from the "real" stampers club but, i am going cute. there its out of the closet now... haven't done an altered anything in just about forever. and I'm OK with it too... ha, gotta run more yard sales again this morning. have a good day!


Stampin' Meg said...

My goodness girl- what a score. I would definitely just pretend that the snake was a cute worm. Those trolls are a hoot.

ThatOtherSharon said...

OMG Troll Dolls!!! I had several of those as a kid. What a hoot they made a separate stamp for the HAIR.

You definitely came out of this one smelling like a rose, and I"m with Meg -- I'd just call it a worm. LOL


Godchick said...

Great finds! I had a collection of troll dolls when I was in elementary school (when they were big!) I never knew they had stamps of them!

Thanh said...

Very good yard sale finds Stacy!