WishRak 4th of July Challenge cards

This card i made for the sample for the challenge i hosted an anniversary card for an deployed service (male) member to be able to send home to his wife. All the fourth of July challenges at wish rak this weekend were geared around sending the challenge cards to Cards for Hero's. (last time i checked i believe there were over 600 hundred cards done an uploaded, I'm sure its higher at the final count...)
for a thanksgiving challenge.
while i was totally mojo-less and frozen with the thought that i don't actually have many things from wish-rak that would fit into the challenge categories...
this was for a featured stamper card lift challenge. the card i chose to lift can be seen here. I did have some of the images she used in her card, but i wrecked them trying to color them with my copic markers ( i don't have enough choices and the intensity of the color shocks me some times... these are going to have a high learning curve for me because i move my pencils SLOWLY and these markers are like touch and you have ink...) ah well i think i got the "vintage-y" feel of her card even though its not the same.
for a young boys birthday (needed to have Bright colors)
For a get well challenge.
For a Christmas Card challenge (could not be mainly bright red and green)
Birthday for a mom (had to use blue)
Birthday for a young girl ( needed bling forgot that part)


Stampin' Meg said...

oh my gosh- what do you mean "mojo-frozen"?!!!
You did a ton- FABULOUS!

Dawn said...

These cards are all great. the bella is perfect!