Catching Up with Happy Mail

This one was hand delivered yesterday... Ü Alice made this for me, the story is before i had to go back to the Dr. I said as part of a conversation with Alice that the whole trip is based around an hour and a half of when i get to do the "amazing Stacy routine" so this made Alice see me wearing a cape and flying through the air...
so this is part of the inside, the super bella is on a spring.. :)
This card came to me via wishrak from tiffgaum. Thanks Tiffany! the black square have some kind of glass? plastic flat blocks on them, really gives it the illusion of tiles on the card front.
recently I did an image trade with Pesc, and Pascale sent me this card with her images. :)
Now this one is the first card that i have received with those glass bumps that each one of them arrived intact. love the corners on this and the colors which surprised me, i usually don't use peachy colors much but this looks super with the soft sky. this came to me via the PIF ribbon swap from BrandiP. Thanks Brandi!
a look at the lumps.
This one came to me via the PIF ribbon swap also from Isewquilts. thanks Joy. in case you missed the shadow that big flower on the right is dimensional in real life. :)
This card is such an unexpected color combo to me for the what it shows. the drink is all blingy and beautiful. the envelope had four holes in it where the corners are clipped on the main panel and a few crumbs of broken glass bits inside the envelope, so what i suspect is this had those same glass bumps as the card from Brandi and Megs (below) not really sure. I know i asked what these things are called but, i don't remember the answer anymore sorry.
this beautiful card came to me from Meg, the paper are some of my very most favorite basic grey ones and i just love this. ( she sent it to me with some PIF images recently) Thanks Meg!
This one came all the way from Canada via wish rak from Darla Ryan!
Darla thanks so much! ( have you made any wishes yet?) love the way the ribbon is attached through the buckle on this... I know i should shoot these cards faster (like when i get them) sorry. but, just so you know i did get all of these. Thanks ladies!!

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Linda M. said...

Thanks for sharing the cards.

I am not a real fan of peach colors either, but that card was not overwhelming.

I like the "skittles" as Meg calls them.