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I kept thinking it would have been more fun to have something totally neat to share, but i broke one of my teeth ( i dont know how) over the weekend. ( noticed it at lunch on sunday) have the filling and part of the tooth left. so, today i am headed to the dentist to get some kind of a temporary thing put in so the filling and the rest of the tooth does not fall out or break off more. and let him figure out how to deal with it maybe at the end of January or something. got to steal time to wrap gifts too. picked up the new pirate movie at the grocery store today and AM looking forward to seeing that. J seen it with Alice when ever it was at the theaters earlier in the year... Hopefully getting the temp. put in will put me back into a i wanna play mood. :) I miss my stamps. m0re later, Me


Linda M. said...


I have never had a broken teeth, but it {sounds} painful, Stacy.

I hope that you get fixed soon!

Stampin' Meg said...

Oh no-isn't that the worst feeling?
I did that once and just started crying like a big baby.
I hope that the dentsit gets you fixed up soon!