{Hand Held Punchie Flip Book}

The covers are chipboard from the backs of paper packs covered with 6X6 Basic Grey printed paper. the pages are cream card stock (staples) cut to 4 1/2" x 6". I used the Stampin'Up round tab punch for the category tabs, the Cropidile (large hole punch) for the holes and a book ring from Staples to hold it together. the idea behind this is to be able to hold up the negative image over an stamped image to see how an stamped image would look on a particular shape or if a sentiment will "fit" that square, circle or oval... then I added some of the "other" kinds of shapes that it could be possible to stamp on besides the every popular Scallops and plain shapes, i also have tags, postage edged squares, solid flowers, hearts, tabs things like that. each page shows an negative and the punchie shape with the MFG info i have for it under it. just wrote it all by hand.
A look inside. I'm thinking I may make one of these for my dies. Like esp the frames and shapes that are similar to what i have in hand held punchies. Not sure yet if i will combine it all into one flip book or not yet, depends on how many pages it ends up being i guess. Seen something like this (much smaller) at one of the stamp club parties i went to last winter, and then Jan showed it to Alice recently so, this is what we did Sunday after noon when she came over to play. (no stamping) just gossip and punching. :)


Jennifer said...

Stacy this is a beautiful flip book and so practical too. I'm also thinking it could be used as a small favorite family recipe file for my kids. Your work is such an inspiration to me!

Deborah said...

Now aren't you just the CLEVER one! If I send you all my punches, will you make one for me??? (lol)

Linda M. said...

I love this idea with the negative. You wonder if something would look good punched or not.

I need to do this, too.

Great project for die-cuts!!!

shuggy said...

what a great idea!!

Heather Grow said...

Super smart idea. Very organized.

Linda M. said...

I am working on my mini version of this one, Stacy.

I will post it on my blog for you to look at later.

Stampin' Meg said...

This is such an excellent idea-I have a binder-but I like the flip book size idea much better for taking with me when I shop and I love your idea of the negative space for testing over stamps!

ThatOtherSharon said...

OK, admit it -- HOW MANY punches are in your book?!?!?!?


(I am SO going to copy this idea!!!)