Catching up with some Happy Mail!

Today's mail i found this fun card with the Roosters from my friend Flexie, ( we've actually met in person several times over the years) and anyways it made me remember I have been making a pile of the cards that have come in the mail recently. (first it was too gloomy for photos then i had more excuses ~ such as i was stamping like a mad woman the week i painted James room and did the cardvaarks every day) Love the little clippies too! This has reminded me, I have some Chicken stamps, I will send ya a few images to play with when i remember again.
This one arrived totally out of the blue from Jessica, its so nice, and it was just like Wow! how cool that she thought of me, Thanks Jessica! I love how she added the flowers to the puddle jumpers! The colors are just so cheerful! :) This was a total surprise to find too, Louise told me she wanted to send me an extra issue she didn't need and i found this card with its matching envelope tucked inside,(with two mags!) Even the inside of the card is stamps along with the matching envelope. I have to tell you I have never seen something like this in person before and it impresses the heck out of me, esp. that she mailed it to me... :)
This last card came to me from Christie and it's just like how did she know? we have been getting greedy with eating cherries (from the store this year, the frost killed all the blooms on the fruit trees we have here ) and so it made me smile. I LOVE Bing cherries! what a fun card for summer ehh? I am having fun with the images that were inside too! ( scroll down to yesterdays butterfly card)
So anyways, Thanks ladies!


reflections:0) said...

No, really Thank you for the RAK box of Love...
You are so very welcome my friend...:0)

The images are to follow soon...:0)I have been stamping them out the last few days after work...


Linda M. said...

Great cards that you shared from your friends, Stacy!!