re-arranged my Space today *Ü*

So I mentioned this earlier, that i had a brain storm when i went up stairs this morning, in the lower right side of this photo is a scraprack, and ever since i moved it to the short table (it was facing out, and the tables were all in a tight parallel to the back wall formation) I did not walk around the table to flip through it, and when i had it on desk on the wall it was too dark in that corner for me to see anything in it. so, Today took the 6foot table i have at counter height and angled it more in to the room then angled the short table to make a V shape and spun the scrap rack around to make it flip able from the other side. then i just moved the other 6 foot table back up against the tall one, but moved the sewing machine to the other end of it. ( This is where co. plays when i have some)
This is going to be good because Storm sleeps up against the back of my feet when i am up here with him, and so now we both have a little more leg room too.
these photos were shot in full day light with two overhead lights on and two table top daylights on.
Its hard to realize but, the photos make it look much darker then really is. Although its not nearly as light as when i had an actual window near by. I keep reading that the reason my clear stamps are turning yellow is because they are exposed to light... my clear stamps are on the floor in a basket (in the dark corner of the room where you cant see them and they are NOT exposed to light)


Flexie:0) said...

great job on the room... I need to work on mine this week as well...


Pam Speidel said...

OMG!! Your craft room is incredible! Wish I could come over and play. :) TFS!