Doodle Flower

I borrowed this stamp set from A ( to see if i really really need to own it before it leaves the book) and this is the first thing i have done with it so far. I actually do not like this card, not sure if its the colors or the masking. It's 5X7 in real life, the reddish color is cranberry crisp ( which i will buy one more pack of before its gone) I'm having a SU party at my house in (which i have not done in this house since we moved into it...) The sentiment is from Hero Arts. Today is the last day of school here and so, its also the last time i have time to go to the store by my self during the day, and i think shopping is on the agenda as soon as i leave work. I got an email that the scrapbook garden has some yummy looking pp in now... Probably have to make some time to go there too. :) Have a good day!


Beth said...

Cute card, Stacy. I love the Doodle This and That sets. I just bought them and am more than pleased I did. I can see I'll be using it a lot. Of course there is a ton of inspiration over at SCS, as you know.

Meg said...

They look great to me- you did a lot of great scissors work on them!