WOYWW # 380 More Yellow

Happy Wednesday Ladies, ( these are Tuesday after work shots as usual) If you'd like to play along with us shoot a shot of what you are pushing around in your space and link it up here at our hostess Julia's blog.

So, I walked up the stairs, set my coffee cup down and pulled my cell phone out of my pocket for this shot. ( and its a new phone too so, the screen is a little different when it shoots was not entirely sure it was focused) On Sunday evening and monday after work the making yellow things had continued and I did ink up the technique tuesday stamps that arrived in the mail saturday. ( the happy mail ones for envelopes)

Which meant some envelopes needed decorated. ( the white is a gel pen)

They ( for all I know its still going on) but, 12" card stock at Joann's fabrics was 5 sheets for a dollar last week so, I dragged hubs in there Saturday and picked up nearly two inches worth for 6.00 and then I came home and started whacking some of it up for these little sunshine packs.

Before that I had started cutting up some scraps with a PTI holiday words set I got months ago. ( yes, I still have un inked stamps but, for the most part I have cut most of the dies if anything to see how they cut and what size they end up being) so, that being said the leaf dies from Stampendous also came in the mail last week and the intention was to make 3" folded cards from them. so, the largest leaf was cut from 4" folds and the mid size was cut from 3 1/2" sized folds. (and that worked) 

In the photo of the desk above this you will notice a 4th. ( I glittered the edges) the glitter did not dry after two days. so, I pitched it. ( we already have our heater on now) ( its been 35* at night the last little while) The only thing different between these and the before on the desk shot is the gem on the gold sequin in the top left spot. The autumn is a Simon Says Stamp die, and the hello is from little b.

and after that I had decided I had reached my mess limit and picked up the bulk of it. what's left out is over on the Misti is what is left of the 5 1/2" dcwv flimsy pre-made card bases I had found and covered some with printed papers a few months ago. ( the intention is to use them all up not just one here and there they way I have been) so, they will most likely become

(updated with a link to the first 15 of them done so far today) (there is still half the stack to go) 
 maybe with some of the die cut or previously stamped and die cut sentiments. ( there is an entire little basked of those on the file cabinet) Anyways, that is what I have been up to. I am looking forward to seeing yours. Oh and way in the top right of this photo you can actually see into that other corner of the room behind how the stairs come up. ( that is where I moved the altered bakers rack with the whats left of the wood mounted sentiments I am still un-mounting to) and took all the books off that shelf next to it and started moving clear stamps to it. This is still a work in progress that got halted during the heat and other busy times of the summer but, its not going anywhere so, I will shoot better shots of that when I get it "done"


Janice M said...

Try this again.....need to proof read before hitting enter! ;-)

Wish I lived close! Would LOVE to come over for a play date in your craft room! Lots of cool things to play with. Lovin those little leaf cards.

Robyn said...

busy lady! lots going on here-= so colorful!
thanks for visiting and your kind words!
Robyn 6

Angela Radford said...

Hi Stacy. Love the leaf cards, great idea for the autumn. Looks like you've been pretty busy and more to come. Thanks for the lovely comment over at mine and happy woyww, Angela x 19

Chidkid said...

What a fabulously creative desk. So much to see. Love it. Happy WOYWW. Elaine no. 20

April Story said...

6" of paper for $6 - Wow! What a great deal. Your desk is looking great.
April #33

happyglitzygirl said...

How busy you have been, love all of your work, and your work area is wonderful. How blessed you are. Good idea with the white Gel pen. I use them a lot, they work better than all the other white and expensive art pens. Have a great week, blessings Hilde # 18

Monica said...

just love a busy desk. You have been busy. Like how you "recycled"on the thin paper.
Monica #41

Sharon Koole said...

Wow you have been busy! I love the sentiment decorating your envelopes - very cute.

Have a great week
Sharon K #40

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I think you win the prize for the most creations this week, well done you!! I really like the decorated Kraft envelopes you did, I do love it when something like that falls through my letterbox. In these days of email and stuff, snail mail is increasingly wonderful!
Hugs, LLJ 14 xxx

StampedbyChris said...

Those leaf cards are Adorable! I went to JoAnn's to...no paper but I did score a life size skeleton on sale with a 20% off coupon to boot! Maybe I should wrap him in paper...LOL
Have a great week!
Chris P#34