Last Weekend

 There were a few yard sales last weekend, and this is what followed us home. all the stamps were 5.00 the pile of buttons and lace was 1.00 and you see that frog?
 A closer look at the buttons,
yeah this frog below.

 My grandma was a florist when she was young, and the first "coffee table" book she bought me as an adult was for flower arranging. and a few years ago. maybe 7 or 8 ish I started picking up vintage flower frogs when I found them. mostly I use them for photo props because, of allergies. with all the things blooming in my yard, they do not get cut and put inside the house. anyways. the size of this frog, I have never in all this time seen one like this.
it is about 6" in diameter.

 Now this, I have no clue what this thing really was, it is coated metal and the handles of the "basket" flip around and it becomes a table ( see below) paid a whole 5.00 for this because it was interesting.

 I am leaning towards spray painting it green and using it in the booth to hold one of the displays of cards or something. ( not sure yet)

 Now this was interesting. the width of this seat is about 2 foot wide. ( so, it's more like a large chair for one rather than a bench for two)

the seat flips up and the spiders were a free benefit ( I am rolling my eyes mentally over that one) (what the seller really said as hubs paid her lol) there are holes in the feet where it looks like it was bolted to where ever it originated at we are considering the idea of bolting it on the front porch ( someday way in the future when said porch is actually built and on the house haha)

I did make a couple cards late on sunday afternoon these are the first ones in a week the bloom was well it was the first thing that didnt turn into mud being watercolored.
 The flower is from Impress and the sentiment is from SU. It's A-6 in real life.

And this was done for the featured stamper challenge you can see Theresa's original card here. and the changes were the ribbon was switched to string and I added the double matted frames using last weeks tutorial seen here. this is 4X9 in real life.


KarinsArtScrap said...

interested thing and goodies you have bought Stacey and beautiful cards.
Gr Karin

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Why are frogs called frogs? Hubby asks me.... I says I do not know. You have found some great and interesting things at yard sales. I don't do yard sales and thrift stores anymore... no space for cool finds. I love your brightly colored blossom card! The tree card if nifty too but the BRIGHT speaks to me.