Hope you can cling to {day 22}

This was done for my own Hope you can cling to challenge, you can find all the details for this one here. basically the idea is everyone can use an I love you card. but, the catch is... don't put the words I love you onto the cover of the card. make it visually say I love you with out those words. It's ok to add it to the inside if you want but, you need to stamp the sentiment a second time with the interior sentiment with a note that says this sentiment is stamped in side so people at the hospital who are looking at the cards do not have to open all the wrappers to see that the card is not blank inside. ( most are) because, we have no way of knowing who is going to use the card for what reason. This particular image is from Stamping Bella I think it is the very first mo manning stamp I ever bought. its a little smaller than some of the more recent purchases and the sentiment is from Stampin Up. ( always) this card is 6" square in real life. 

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