The Cleaning & Gathering Continues.

This is stuff's I found this Saturday's go around of yard sales... including the blue doily under this old mixing bowl. just liked the colors. 

Those tubes of glitter are GLASS, in the bottom of the bowl there are shades of  blue buttons that were in a ziploc baggie ( which has already been disposed of) 

now this is the after shot, I think I never got around to posting it. remember those empty shakers I found a  month and a half ago? well, 

these all came from the same place and nope, I did not buy all the clear glass ones they had either. 
so, I have not counted yet if I need more shakers to finish off the dry glitter I have or if I will need more glitter. ( they are still drip drying) but, funny true story. somewhere in SCS I had mentioned that I was surprised glitter came in PINK... a very long time ago I won a provocraft prize package on creative express for something who knows what and one of the prizes was an assortment of tiny containers of bright colored glitters.... guess what? one of them is PINK lol... I think I will even find a way to use it during hope you can cling to next month. are you getting ready? the chatter has started HERE.
I have not taken any photos of what I have found in the room so far that I think I can use or will use next month but, will work on that soon. its been raining so most of the room is really too dark to shoot. unless it fits on the dresser under the lights. now I just need to find a really cool thing to put all these shakers in so I can see them at the same time haha. 

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Linda Matthews said...

I love your collection of shakers. What a great way to use your glitter. ;)