Life's Short... Buy the Stamps

So, I've been doing some thinking since Zelda passed away and I found out Beverly had passed away and you know what, you cant take it with you so you may as well enjoy it... did some online shopping this past weekend to get some stamps and die's I have been ogling for some time now... I have the money, this did not cause any debt or distress for my family... and I have the first of 2 packages have arrived. got these penny black stamps for the express reason of I wanted to do a card for my grandparents with them... inside says Happy Valentines day... I you know they will be married for 64 years in June. and their health is not as good as it used to be. there is no sense in trying to hoard this till June. so, its a happy tuesday ( or what ever day V day will be this year ) card... going in the mail in the morning. This is 6" square in real life. 

More Happy mail, remember I mentioned I won two prizes from the hope you can cling to donation last fall? this is the second gift. it was on the porch today. ( I am so thrilled with this, they don't make refills for the 510 machine anymore) had no clue they made glue sticks or tape runners but, its OK... can take the little X to work or something. (have one here already) and so, it was just a nice thing to come home to. hope you all had a good day too. 


Anonymous said...

Nice new toys,enjoy!
I have been doing the same, ordering new toys. We need to get together to compare and and test each others new toys out!

Mary Ann said...

Love your card,Love your stamp...