Gift Bags

These are completely empty. received this die for Christmas this year...

They take an entire sheet of 8.5X11 paper to create, but the die is big enough to lay an 12" sheet on it.

So I tried them with both make the bag from cardstock and layering some scrap printed paper to it.

Mindy sent me this lavender image years ago, its colored with pencils ( Thanks Chickie!)

Now this one is from THIN printed paper, not the kind that feels like thin cardstock as the ones above. ( it still works. 

a Different Sizzix die, this one I only used part of the die to do this then created the handle with an 1" strip of the same coversheet. I think these could be cute with a pinch of basket filler or some small tags in them. 

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Janice M said...

Oh now i like these little bags!! Very nicely done!