Snapshots from the last week...

Did an Ice run again last tuesday and I didnt have to hurry, we were not out of ice it was a bump up the stock for Halloween in advance so hubs said to me, hey you gonna shoot leaves? and I said maybe... and I spent some time thinking about that tree, ( the one with the cool frame of branches on the other side of the mountains ) so on the way to Medford, you cant see this tree, the angles wrong. and on the way home I had the general idea of which hill it was at the bottom of so found a place to pull off the road and park was gonna walk down the road to the tree... got a million cars slamming on their breaks ( thought the truck was broke down ) ha, so turned around and walked back and shot this weed, and the back lit weeds below in the ditch near the truck and started driving home closer to the tree again...
shot with an 16-50 77MM lens.
That tree, no one was behind me and there was no place no shoulder even to pull off the road so stopped on the road and shot this through the windshield. if you look close at it you will see power lines running through the top. ever noticed that all the trees with the most/prettiest color are always on the side of the road with lines?
James Sunday am... they guys gave me the lens and hood in the photo below and so this is an outta the box across the livingroom shot.
yay got a hand hold able zoom ( we have much bigger len's I can use, but I have to use a tripod for them.) Happy Birthday to me.
Dill, added a sepia tone and some vignette to the corners of this one...
shot over the fence haha, Arin's critters spit.
but they are just so dang cute.
there are 3 others (alpaca's ) and one curly feathered goose over there will shoot sometime too.
(when i get over this cold)
PS have a pile of happy mail to shoot, Thanks for the birthday cards will get them shot & posted soon!


LindainNCtoo said...

I can see {lots} of gorgeous camera shots coming along shortly on your blog, Stacy!!

Jennifer said...

Stacy, I just love your photographs! They are wonderful and the techniques you're using are fabulous! Keep those photos coming.