Wish Rak "Ideas" Exchange / Swap

recently there was an "swap" to exchange an "idea" that your person wanted to know ( you had to give them more then one choice... one of mine was the beaded pens... and my person who had me was Lena Tacker and this is a glimpse into the loot I received from her.
handmade parts, decorated altered notepad with matching beaded pen and reveal card. :)
there are supplies in this box to created these pens and the instructions with photos :)
I dont think I photographed everything I did by I had Valerie and she was curious about using fibers or adding a small gift to a card front. so this was a card with a pocked to hold a book mark.
(she likes birds and bright cheerful colors )
this card /booklet cover the spine is laced with fiber like a corset.
( intended to print off photos of things i had made using fibers but, really nothing was that special or I had not seen it done a million times before so left it blank. )
altered a tin for her to keep images in, trying to use the colors of her space (with out actually seeing it, purple blue and green) added images and stamps and such to this before it was mailed away.

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