"How To"

The aftermath of an VSN weekend... 2 cards friday PM, 11 cards saturday, 5 cards sunday... ( makes quite a mess of scraps among other things.
this is the other tin, the first one contains Christmas/winter themed die cut sentiments and tiny images as that is what sells best in the November booth, tiny gift cards made from scraps. I just can't bring my self to toss it so I stamp sentiments on the skinny pieces, die cut them and toss them into this tin. its handy, it saves a bunch of time and it helps with the memory thing too. I've acquired more then a few cling mounted stamps in the last year and I don't remember the sayings of them as easily as being able to glance at the top of one of printers trays full of wood mounted sentiments.
during the clean- up process.
this is about as "clean" as it gets, nope it does not bother me to see it all piled up like this on the other hand I have to see it to know its there. I don't think I could forget about it as easily if i had one of those spotless spaces where everything was in a clean and tidy cupboard.
left side of an 6' costco folding table.
more towards the right, that pile of scraps will be cut down into 3" square sized cards and such and made into gift tags as I go through the week.
(see next post) those gift tags came out of the VSN scraps for the most part and there are 57 3" sized ones and also did one 6" card that's not posted yet)

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