Topsey Reservoir

From last Sunday Jule 25, 2010, we had our second "canoe-ing" "date". There was more wildlife to see, with my purse camera, could not "get" the crane across the water. so no wildlife photos, but the colors of everything was gorgeous. Do you see those huge huge power lines in the distance? ( a ways past that is the JC Boyle dam. ) and this is a very interesting thing, as i paddled ( yes i did the majority of the paddling Tim was fishing, nope only caught moss) underneath of them and for some distance in both directions under them it is SO NOISY. its like you would never expect to hear anything ( almost the middle of no where ) actually not too far west of Keno and right off the highway. but these lines Hummed or vibrated or not sure how to describe this noise, so it got me thinking... when you go hunting and you walk through the woods and come across them are they just as noisy or only when they cross water. answer came back that they are always noisy if enough power is moving through them. ( must be power headed to a substation)
So, just as we left it started in with the rain, wind, lightning & thunderbumpers. as we got close to Keno there was a tree down across the highway (but it had not snapped the lines it was across just sagged them) and so we drove off the road and around the tree. Lost a big branch loaded with growing cherries off our old pie cherry tree by the street too. but other then that no major damage here for us.

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