Odds & Ends scrap cards & Nestie storage

You may have seen the post Lori did friday about losing her dad... Did a card very simply similar to this but in an A-6 size with no scallops and sent it off without photographing it, and did this one from the scraps ( its very similar) but, i think i like the first better. ( had no scallop punching on the bo bunny pp) so it did not have this cream cardbase peeking out either. such is life. the leaf is from Fred B Mullett done in versafine ink Sentiments from Wordsworth.ribbons from offray. this particular card is 5 X7 in real life. couple of other "from scraps" cards, these were done on some basic grey pp with some pre-colored Just Write stampers sentiments. ( have a tuna tin with pre stamped sentiments if it has an image with it some of the images have been colored) since purple is not a color i reach for often and it was peeking out of the tin it caught my attention when i was fingering these paper scraps... Spent some time re-organizing yesterday. I have had all my nestibility dies inside iris brand photo boxes inside a carry case made by them to hold 12 boxes... so each box had if it was 4 sets that you could get in one of those combo packs had 4 sets in it, and you had to dig in the box to find the one you wanted. not to mention pick up the case off the floor and find a flat space to open it to begin with... it finally irritated me enough to "do something" about it. found this metal two drawer file box at a yard sale last summer for $2.00 if i remember right. its been in the closet empty for some time waiting for an idea to hit... knew my regular sized cards would not fit into it as they didn't fit into the card file drawers in the floor sized cabinet i had bought before this but, since i am finding Metal things and i figure someday when i am more "Done" with the collecting of things ( tools ) i will have all the metal things painted the same color. (maybe) for the most part i don't even notice what colors they are anymore. ( yes i am rolling my eyes ) Some of the more recent packs i had taken the chipboard from the packaging and cut it to fit inside the photoboxes. but the ones from way back in the beginning of collecting these tools i tossed that chipboard.... so those are on blank chipboard from the closet. some of them i moved the labels i had printed for the plastic boxes to the chipboard some i just wrote on them. considering making dividers for them but for the most part i know what i have and i organized it by "tags" standard shapes, (circles squares rectangles ovals) then special shapes ( hearts border things etc) then labels then in the back of the drawer are the too long to fit cross ways in the drawer ones see photo below. may glue the packaging chipboard to sturdier chipboard (longer) for these... not sure yet. but the longest dies are falling off the edges... If these were standing up right they take up a fraction of the space they did in photoboxes. Which is really exciting as i am going to get some of the newest CHA release dies soon and Cut at home already has them in stock.. (and before i did this i did not have a clue where i would put anymore when i got them) second drawer is holding 3X3 and 4X4 mini cards and Xmas tags done so far this (since last Xmas) :) So the weight is not distributed evenly but, it doesn't seem to matter the fact that its metal and its not warping is nice.


Janice M said...

Great cards Stacy! Love that green & purple set!!

Leigh Anne said...

loving the purple cards ;) hehe vitamin