this weekends cards

tried to edit this post from Tim's computer and he's done something to his settings again *sigh* so i no longer can do anything that needs an password cookie. This is why they call them personal computers lol... This ones for Tim's dad's fathers day. the Art Impressions Pierre is colored with prisma pencils, the wine bottle opener charm was found in the bead isle in an asst. package at walmart (years ago) cant remember who makes the sentiment its a newer one (and not a company i have bought from before is probably why i forget before i try to type it) haven't added it to the stamp blog yet for the same reasons.
Just messing around, got this SU branch out set from Alice's party and added some stampscapes grass and birds, stampendous sentiments up on pop dots with a bit of diamond glaze on the tire swing. its 5X7 in real life.
another one, but not sure i like this one, tried to do the sky with all the pale colors of blue copic's i have but, seems like a waste of ink to do so much space that way. this ones A-6.
there is a bit of pale green flower soft on this tree, and the first part i did with the flower soft glue and later as i was adding the diamond glaze to the tire swing i thought oh add some more floofy... well i used the diamond glaze glue. ( DON'T DO THIS) it peeks through the flower soft all shiny and bright when its dry lol so that could be another reason why its not going into the favorites thing...
If you could make a card for yourself what would it say? this one was going to have my hand writing scrawled on the lined paper backgrounder proclaiming you are more then just a number (which i know) but, still something that as i age and the pounds just seem to be migrating along my body rather then jumping ship when I'm abusing it on my bike that i wish i was seeing that number become smaller...
(don't we all?)
been trying to make some room in my colored images tin, because its full. the su background (soft swirls) is heat embossed in seafoam white on colormates mauve cs. (its more like thick paper then cardstock though so works well for layers) the insides of the hearts were colored with an copic marker. cat was done in pencils of course. its 5X7 also.
This dog always makes me laugh when i see it but the sentiments that come to mind are not out in rubber (as far as i can tell) lol $hit happens would work well with it too eh? Or Freeze! or cut it out off the grass and stand it up on its feet and say something like this is a stick-um up! (cut off the bee) at any rate i have a few of these colored and have a hard time thinking of which sentiment to add and came across this rubber romance one and thought hmmm maybe...
the my minds eye printed paper came in a slab type pad from craft warehouse and its thin. paper thin like printer paper thin, not at all like what they sell by the sheet loose.
so even though i don't like the stitching color thread on that ribbon its too late to change it because the papers so thin among other reasons.
just another simple one
The manila shipping tag on this card is one i dyed in the left over Easter paas dye. the pink button (a gift from stuffy! thanks chick!) is an BRAD which is kinda funny because, i did not read the package and pulled it right off the metal thingy that made it a brad so its held together with glue dots (Note to self: one of these days i gotta buy stock in that co.) and its large enough to cover the yellow part of the tag that did not absorb dye.
So it was a good weekend, pretty much had time to play off and on both days, Boys took me to the movies on Saturday. we've been talking about going and trying it ever since we went to Portland last for the dr. visit and so it went well there were maybe only a few words i didn't get (the girl who plays wolverines love interest who dies in the end don't know her name couldn't get every word she said must have been her voice) and but i knew this would be you know less conversations to follow seeing an marvel comic movie rather then an big drama. Alice wants to go see star trek some time (so does Tim) hopefully its nearly the same more action less talk. which is not how i like my books but for movies 'specially movies that are not close captioned i think that will be the thing for the next little while. and a really cool thing, Tim dragged me to radio shack yesterday and bought things to make my ipod cords that go from the sound processors be able to plug in at waist length now instead of me being able to plug them in and set the ipod on the floor... (and I'm 5'9"!) so, that is a lot less weight pulling on them too. which is freeing.


SimonSaysStamp.com said...

Stacy, Your coloring is brilliant! What do you prefer to use for your coloring?


Linda M. said...

I love of the stamped images you used on the cards for this post, Stacy.

My fav is the cat on the scale!!

The colorings are gorgeous!!!

Keep sharing!!!

Stampin' Meg said...

ohhhhhhhhhhh you are really making me want that SU! tree set, Stacy!!!