Before and After

The usual for the last couple of years is about one hair cut a year... ( I luves me some long hair mom) so, it was an utter shock that this year's whack arrived today... Mom will you cut my hair?
after (very pleased with this) course i think he's gorgeous no matter what but I'm enjoying the hair tossin, seeing those eyes and the smug pleased with it grins I've been getting ever since. Tim thinks it could have went shorter... such is life, I actually don't mind long hair, just as long as he keeps it clean. ( that has been an uphill battle for the last 6 months but, lately he's actually been keeping it clean) so it was a surprise that today became the day to cut it off... (almost had enough for a wig haha)


Julie said...

Wow....your a hairdresser too!! :) Love the cut, tell he looks fab!!

Linda M. said...


He is hiding those gorgeous eyes and smile under all of that hair. I agree with Tim--- could have been shorter.

Joseph would do a buzz cut all year if he could make it through the cold weather. He can't stand his hair even touching his ears.


Leigh Anne said...

cutie pie! nice job with the cut - dh cut's G's, but with clippers haha

Stampin' Meg said...

Oh he looks great both ways- the girls must be crazy about him!