yard sale season is officially OPEN

Last Saturday morning before we went to the park to see the fishing derby participants and my family gather there for them. we went to a few yard sales... this was my thing i found for me. ( probably paid too much for it) $30.00 (metal drawer pull on the side reads Hamilton) but, I've wanted one for a long time so... had originally intended to put some of Tim's antique lures into it, but since the drawer does not have glass on the front he thinks that's a bad idea... ( and that i should keep if for sentiment stamps) what a guy. :) if i only had a wall in the play room to hang it on... such is life.


Krisstee said...

I love your treasure. I would say it is an old typeset tray.
This link will give you a bit of history.

I am sure you will find a use for it. *wink*

Speedystamper said...

Oh, lucky you! I'd have paid $30 for that in a heart beat!! I think you got something unique and wonderful.

Stampin' Meg said...

Oh that is super cool!

ThatOtherSharon said...

I used to have one of those I kept miniatures in (remember THAT stupid craze???). I've been trying to figure out what I ever did with it just so I could hang it in the den for stamps.

Hope you find a great use for it soon. Good buy!!!