More Laundry Notes and Poppies

All of these images on these cards in todays post came to me via wish rak at splitcoast. the printed papers are from the scraps bins... I put this one together yesterday afternoon, the pp is from Anna Griffin, and the lace is notions trim.
brads are lasting impressions. textured pp is unknown.
I really like this particular flower. im like a hairs breath away from getting serious about winning this set, ( but i dont feel passionate about the rest of the set is the only thing that's stopped me)
There are two like this one, some are set aside for Sandy and some are going to RAK newbies eventually.
Anyways, its been an incredibly LONG week.
Saturday evening when we picked up Storm at DH's hunting buddies home he had told us he had taken his little black lab puppy to the vet hospital and did not know what was wrong, sunday AM he called puppy was diagosed with Parvoirus. ( and was given an 85% chance of making it) but she did not.
Fast forward to Monday am i had Storm into our vet for booster shots. They really think he will be OK and not catch this. ( because of his age) he turned one last Thanksgiving and what protects adult dogs from this is their immune system is more developed and their digestive tract too....
we cannot expose Storm to any puppies for the next two weeks. ( so week and a half) it will now be March before we will go to the breeders to see the puppies in person and pick.
DH's parents picked up a chocolate lab puppy last sunday afternoon and I am looking forward to meeting him too, but, Storm goes pretty much every where with me so, it can wait.
When we go to the breeders to pick the people who pick ahead of us in the line, we wont even see thier puppies until we have choosen. ( we will see the two we get to choose from) so, its not like i can have someone call and say oooh we want the blonde. ( she may already be spoken for for all i know) I am not trying to focus on them as individuals until we see the two.
on a Happier note, last fridays DR. visit went pretty well. we snuck J in with us. they only allow one person to go with you, and its always been Tim.
This time there were hearing tests, and I am hearing sounds in normal ranges all of them except the highest high note and the lowest low note. so she adjusted those tones, there were some say a word and then she would say words without letting me "see" her mouth so, i was able to hear maybe 3 or 4 of those, then there was the speaker test. Last October one of the hearing tests i had was they played a cd through a speaker of a man reading sentences. ( I did not hear a single thing) this time they did it again, I could hear the man speaking and got like 3 different words ( from i dont know how many sentences) Now i have 3 new programs again, and i dont go back to have them adjusted for two months. whoo two months before we have to pack and lose a weekend sounds like a really good deal.
I've probably mentioned before i dont travel well and I'd just rather be at home. :)
got my fingers crossed that the su party will actually get delivered today too, my demo was supposed to get the box yesterday. I'll have to take a photo of the loot. :)
More later,


Fink said...

Great stuff as usual!!!!

Far North said...

Great cards and great news! So glad Storm was not effected! Always so good to hear your progress! ...Jan

Stampin' Meg said...

Man "as the puppy turns"...
What will Storm think of the new lil nipper I wonder?