Happy Mail {again :) }

This one i just received, it came to me all the way from Down Under. ( Sarah LoobyLou one of the mods at the stamp shack did it) This is my first Aussie card!! :) I hope you can see the embossing on the flower petals there is a lot of texture depth to this card. This one came to me from Lena And Tina Tacker ( Tackertwosome ) at splitcoast, for being an wish rak volunteer. :) The scallops on the front edge are the front of the card, and so i leaned it up against the white cardstock blocking out my inkpads and so, its not really tilted in real life. :)
This one came to me from Peppern ( Splitcoast ) i didn't notice it, but in January anyone who is a volunteer at wish rak had a week they were "special weekly raked" and this is the first card i received for that. :)
This one makes me laugh and AMEN every time i see it, I've had it on the table since Sharon mailed it to me, the abbreviation stands for Thank GOD its Over! ( its a new years card ) our other new years newsletters are family mug shot types so, this one hasnt been put away yet. :)

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Linda M. said...

I got one of Sharon's T.G.I.O. cards, too. I felt like that, too.

What wonderful cards to treasure, Stacy, for thank-you's.