in hog heaven

or in other words Happy Happy UPS day to me... *Ü* your looking at a box of brand spankin new (no sanding required) perfect, never been used su wood blocks... I could just cry i am so happy and excited about this! Sharon, thanks so much!! on another note the packet arrived... I am NOT meeting the surgeon in Oct, I get to go do the amazing Stacy routine for a whole new bunch of Dr.s' first in person. then if these ones decide then i may be able to find out if they really will do the surgery or not... so Oct. is just another hearing test... (but since they only see people on Tuesdays or Fridays we are going to go up by ourselves and spend a couple days childless and puppy less) (our Anniversary is that weekend too) so. now one of these days I gotta do the what's near that hospital post.... ( like any good places to eat Mexican or Sushi? or even better an craft or stamp store... ) my mil is calling the dr.'s this afternoon when they go back to work from lunch to ask a few questions... my paper work says things like, bring your checkbook medicare only does one hearing test a year... ( which if you scroll down there is a mug shot of me from a few days ago... and i am NOT on medicare yet...) lol, oh im also to bring all my films and ct scans ect... now i dont know about you, but i have NEVER been given copies of my medical anything from any dr.... so this should be interesting to see if i get them or not... (yep, i paid big bucks for them months ago...)


Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Nice blocks!!! Did you ever think as a grown woman you would be the one playing with wooden blocks??? LOL!

Now, about those stinkin' doctors!!! I'll bet you will be glad when it's all over... talk about hoops!!!! AND they already took your money??? Too bad you couldn't say 'sorry pals, see me first, tell me what's up then you get paid!'.. string them along... ok.. I'm venting... Health care system just makes me steam!!!!

Dawn said...

very cool surprise. Glad your getting some happy mail. As for the other stuff, I am praying for you. I hope it goes as smooth as possible. The medicare thing cracked me up..

ThatOtherSharon said...

Well, it's good to see you got the blocks (though UPS already e-mailed me). I'm so glad they're bringing you JOY instead of collecting dust in my den!!!

The story about the docs made me smile, remembering all the hoops we went through before Boston. Hang in there; you'll get there eventually.

But even funnier is that DH actually RECEIVED a Medicare card in the mail earlier this month. I need to call them to find out whether he should KEEP it -- at 51!!!


Fink said...

Gee, Stacy I thought you were up there in age! LOL Sorry that there has been a change of plans for you! That box of blocks is great especially for those bella stamps! :)

Jennifer said...

Hurray for the UPS man!

Usually you can get your films either sent directly to the MD or with a note. At least that has been my experience. You have to sign your life away but it is do-able. Sometimes they are able to email the films since they can be put in digital files. Good luck. Ya never know what the routine is from one hospital to the next.

I'm so glad that at the very least the process is about to begin to roll. . . even if it is a repeat of having MD's check you out "one more time!"

Stampin' Meg said...

Hmmm can we now call you a block head- silly girl, getting so excited over wood! LOL

It's not so hard to get the copies of the films - you just need to fill out request forms for them. MAke sure you know the name and addies and FAX #s for the receiving docs because sometimes they send them directly to them. Sometime there is a charge involved too. You can do it!