Very Happy Mail

Isn't this just the coolest thing? I know its hard to see, the lights been terrible here for photos the last few weeks.. but, this is a strip of hand stamp card stock with slits cut into it to become a closure for an gate fold card... :)
This really cool card came filled with TAC images from Flexie! :)
Pam sent me this one with some Stamps Happen Images inside that i have never seen before, I have never played with anything like these yet, so I don't know i will do them justice but, it will be fun to see... :)
I'm in an ATC swap with a few gals from CKMB (which i have not visited in years) and this one came to me from Julie, and the last time we talked she did not have the computer technology to upload her projects to the Internet, so i used to put all her ATC's into the sunroom ages ago... Still don't know if she can post but, funny thing she is a member of Split Coast Stampers and found some of my cards there online recently... All of Julies cards are gorgeous in person so, now i want to make time to see if she ever did start uploading so i can "catch up" with the cool stuff she makes (that doesn't come in my mail box ha ha) :)
This is such a different kind of a card to me, It came to me from another of the ATC gals ( Meg ) and its just very textured and very modern, I keep fingering the grooves in the embossing...
Holy cow is that the most perfect flat bow you have ever seen or what?
( I am so tempted to pull this apart and figure out how it was done)
a while back i signed up to join a user group at Split Coast ( the RAK forum) and i mostly put it out of my mind after I applied and then Saturday I received to Welcome to the forum cards, and then two more today. (scroll down) how cool is that eh? its nothing like i thought it would be, its waay more complicated... but, should be interesting to figure out, one of the boards is a Challenge Rak and the challenge for this week was to find someone (in the RAK forum) who shares your birthday and send them an UN - Birthday RAK... considering there are 2500 plus members, it took me a while, but i made it through the list and found two people on it share mine so i sent them both a little something today. :)
This card is also an Split Coast Welcome Rak. It was hard to photograph the colors are more vibrant in person, the entire card front is hand stamped and this was the very first card i received and opened from the group... :)
This card is neat to me because i have that stamp and as soon as i opened this card i squealed, i have never thought of it in this colors before and it totally looked like an Poppy to me this way, very Oriental. :)
I didn't photograph it well, but the bumps are shiny silver (bigger then mini brads) but like metal bumps i guess, Not brads, Lots of interesting stuff going on with this one. :)
This one also came today, and a funny thing, the inside she wrote the note on a sticky note and then put it over the stamped sentiment on the inside.
( like this card could be mailed out again)
and i thought wow, i never thought about doing that.. I usually just write in them, figured if people wanted to re-use them they could cut the card front off and stick it on another front.? ( I actually save all the cards that come to me) but, lately i have been considering doing just that making them into cards that can be re-used and then putting them into one of the boxes of cards being mailed to the troops ( not every card) just some of them. I currently have 2 huge binders of greeting cards, and one basket full of them. ( plus i have huge binders full of ATC's which i wont part with as most of them are like little hands on classes you know like someone was trying a new technique then made it into ATC's to play with)
anyways I have also made 5 Bella cards, but evidently this is the photo limit it wont let me put them in this post so they will have to go through on their own post.


Far North said...

Wow that is tons of happy mail..LUCKY YOU!! I love the red flower...I might just have to play with some red flowers! TFS!...Jan

Linda M. said...

Wow, Stacy!

I love how you did your RAK's into cards. I wish that I could be that creative in my cards, too.

I need to stamp my Bellas that I got in the mail just before CKC and mail out to you, Flexie and Meg. I just can't seem to get caught up after getting back.

Love the cards!!!!

I joined The Emebellishment Studio for the fabric swatches club. I never thought that I would use fabric. I like the look on the cards. ;)


Tami said...

Lots of beautiful inspiration today. I love the fall bella. I've never seen one made with such gorgeous rich colors.

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Wow Stacy!
What a wonderful day to visit your blog, lots of gorgeous work posted!