Rockin'Girl Bloggers

ah I have now received this 4 times, and so by my count i owe 20 names to list to tell you who i think is a rockin'girl blogger... :) This is almost an impossible task as most the blogs i read have already nominated each other I think we are all increasing our blog reads from each others lists... :) I have been Nominated by Penny, Sandy,Beth & Jan, In no particular order here are my top 20 rockin' girl bloggers i peek at regularly: http://stampingmathilda.blogspot.com/ http://flexies.blogspot.com/ http://andisperfectgravy.blogspot.com/ http://www.thechattystamper.blogspot.com/ http://thimblesbobbinspaperandink.blogspot.com/ http://smileycollector.blogspot.com/ http://dappledesigns.blogspot.com/














the thing for this is very simple for each time you have been nominated you nominate 5 more people and you add this pink rocking girl blogger badge to your blog (if you have not already done so. (right click and "save it" to your hard drive to upload the same way you would any image)

These are the 20 blogs i read first (besides the four from the ladies who nominated me) yep, I know most of them have already been nominated already but as you scroll through that list perhaps you will find a new place of inspiration to peek at.

I have some happy mail today, no photos. Im usually busy when the light is "good" here now, so Im probably gonna have to make my self a light box to shoot into. I won a drawing at two peas from Daria for the Christmas in July Challenge and the 3 count um yep she mailed me 3 stamps! for that...

and I also received a gorgeous thank you card from Karen. (photos could arrive tomorrow) (i hope) :)

have a good evening!


reflections:0) said...

LOL... Well,will you look at that I am a Rock'n Girl Blogger...hehehe

TY, Stacy... You are twister...hehehe if it was not for you I would not have started a blog last month....:0)


Stampin' Meg said...

Thanks for putting my blog in there-I am having such a fun time checking out all the blogs that you listed, Stacy!

Tami said...

Thanks for the nomination, Stacy. You rock.