Last Monday Nights Card Class

Each of the packets contained 6 Daisy D's Baby tags and Mrs. Grossman's Baby word stickers. So the plan was for them to make 3 cards there and have left overs to do one more card after they got home. But, the week before this on Wednesday night i was told the store owner had a death in her family and was out of state. So, one of the ladies who works in the store (and has door keys) told me she would meet me at the store Monday night (the store is not normally open on Monday) to unlock the doors for the class. My friend Alice had called people she knew who wanted to learn about card making and convinced them to come with her to take this class ( total newbies who have never stamped before) and so, after waiting on the sidewalk in front of the store for 30 minutes with Alice and these ladies, A decided she was not going to stand there a minute more and she wanted to do this class with her friends at her house so they all got in their cars and drove off. so Me, since i had two ladies from the first class tell me they were going to come to this one i decided to write a note and leave it on the store door telling anyone who may have came even later where we had moved the class to. (right when i was doing that another lady who works the store and has a key pulled up) ( her car had died and she had no way to get ahold me) so we went into the store and tried to call Alice and other people and then the phone started ringing off the hook so about 20 minutes after that we left together and went to A to do this class. Each of them left with one card done (after 2 1/2 hours) So, I have not been back to the store all week as of yet, I do have 2 cards mostly figured out for the third class but, need to make up one more and I also have a pile for the displays around the store of new products. This was a little embarrassing and that was not too much fun, the gals had a good time and said they learned alot and want to take more classes... The Products used on the cards (besides the premade tags and stickers ) were stamps and inks and such and not a single one of them arrived at the store before the class. I really don't see how the store plans to make money off of the classes if they don't order the tools ahead of time and for this particular class there was 6 weeks ordering time to get them in. the next class is on August 15th so i am feeling really crushed to get the cards done and in the store. The owner had told me she ordered lots of new products and not to start the next batch till the new stuff arrived but, since she is not there the people running her store while she is away are not its not their store so they are not promoting things like she does. and one more small gripe. The store had received its first order of Hero Arts stamps ( not what the owner told me she was getting in) so i brought in cards samples using those stamps she had told me a few weeks ago that she ordered to put on display with the stamps and the lady working the store (same one that did not show up Monday night) has not put them out and i have no idea where they may be, but they are not any where on display in the store as of Monday night and the other lady who did show up spent some time trying to find the cards and did not succeed. {isn't that just a kick in the face?!? } haha OK so i am done whining now. :) A top view This card the baby word sticker (Mrs. Grossman's) is heat embossed with red ranger powder. It took about 5 times to get the whole sticker to be embossed I started out with that Pallet Glue pad ( the store owner was raving about this stuff but, so far i cannot make it work & I ended up switching over to versamark ink to get the powder to stick to the front of the sticker) the letters in the word Girl are computer generated and covered with diamond glaze and glitter. It ended up being a real pain to emboss it and i figured it would be too time consuming to actually make during a class so they had the items to make the sticker used in the card below but, this was like an "extra idea" that they could view as another option for altering the items. This card the idea was it could either be a card for the husband or a we are expecting type of a card. It is 5 x7 in size. The baby sticker has been color dusted with fired brick distress with opal liquid pearls dripped on it.


Patty H. said...

Such beautiful work! Did you go to college and get a degree in Art? You must have, you are really good!

~Stacy said...

I play with numbers when i go to work...I have never taken any art classes. :)
Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!