My First Circle Journal... Is Home!!!

I have not done this before and I didn't set out to join this swap that i was in, I was kind of drafted into it. So one year ago i made an album and sent it on its way... I mailed it priority Mail... It took over one month to go from my house in Oregon to Los Angeles, Ca... so in the course of that month and a half i created a second journal and mailed it to the person i sent to for the swap (UPS) (Which almost takes a week but at least it arrives) and now its finally been returned to me. My theme was "flower gardens" and this is a link to the photo album that was started for my journal so the first few pages are ones i made for it then what follows is most of the other pages, (a few people did not put their pages into the album) but thats OK... http://groups.msn.com/SunroomLibrary/jbgreendawnscirclejournal.msnw I don't know for sure how long the photos will be in and there are 4 pages of them but i think the plan was for the site owner to delete these albums at the end of the swap to get the storage space back for the site... You should be able to see these photos as the site is not locked... It's pouring rain here today but started out last night as snow so most the day was a slushy mess, supposed to continue to dump precipitation all over southern Or for all the next 3 days... We are planning to go to Medford tomorrow, (I bought Tim a duplicate lure book and James has a thing for the game boy that may need to be exchanged) And I'm hoping to run into the rubber stamp art store... I've been giving some thought to my next project and i think i am going to make a small (like 9 x9) ish sized theme album that is made up of the photos we have received in our Christmas Cards over the years... So it would be fun to flip through and see peoples family's growing through the years kind of a thing. Of course not everyone sends photos but most the people who do, do it every year, so i Probably do have enough to fill an album already... I wish i was getting photos from the people who mater Most to me but... I'm greedy about photos and do love what i do have... yes that was a direct {bald} hint to some of you! ;) Have a Safe and Happy New Years!!

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