Tea Leaves...

Hee hee... Just had the INTERNET version of my tea leaves read... From: JBgreendawn Sent: 1/9/2006 6:49 PM here is mine... Reading No. 2 You need to create a quiet space for yourself within your heart where you can be silent and listen to yourself. You spend much time listening to other people. Your family, your friends, everyone you know considers you a good listener. Begin to listen to yourself. You have a lot to say. Give yourself the benefit of your own wisdom hmmm... here's the link to have yours done... http://www.willa.com/tealeaves/reading.html Not much going on at the moment, still have a cold but am getting better. Mostly its just been this crazy weather and too much time inside. I'm sure it's just a lack of fresh air thing... (sinus colds in the winter) been making cards and started a page yesterday. Its not done yet, but so far i am having fun with it, Stamped the background cardstock with some new Heidi Swapp Flower stamps i had in my stocking from Christmas and the photos i am 5. :) a very serious and slightly crabby looking 5. its funny. I don't know what to say about those pictures so thats why the page is not done yet. I'm hoping something occurs to me this week sometime. Our toaster has died, and I'm eyeballing a kitchen aid one that they have at JCpenney's where its a 4 slice toaster but instead of 4 holes for small bread it has two long wide slots so sourdough or rye breads should fit into it. (all at once no flipping the bread to cook both ends) I have the idea that kitchen-aid is supposed to be a "better" brand and may last longer than the one i picked up at K-mart (a year ago) had a one year warranty ... lol... they time those things just right? yes? the day after the warranty ends is when they die. (this is not the first thing that this has happened to us with so I'm pretty confident its true.) *Ü* I have been cleaning and organizing my scrap space and one thing i did hmm two weekends ago now is Tim helped me glue my 8.5 X 11 inch paper trays (rubbermaid ones) together , then i stood them upright on their sides to make vertical paper storage out of them, then i took all the papers and cardstocks i had that size and organized them by color and tossed all the various packaging. very cool to see all the paper colors at once instead of the plastic wrappers. so that is how the card making kick got started. Listed a few things that people told me i had to have when i first started scrapping that i never use on e-bay and fun thing all but one thing has a bid on it... :) planning to take the money i make with us to that ck convention in march of course haha... :) I'm starting to look forward to that a great deal.

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