Faster and Faster...

Is it just me or are the days getting faster and faster instead of shorter and shorter? (my Christmas cards are still not done, but this is the photo we may be inserting into them...) It was shot with color film though and color film skin tone filters so it looks a little fuzzy to me in B&W. We are probably going to try shooting another roll maybe saturday... I wish i knew how to use the photo shop program i think it would be really cool to shoot this shot in b&w and then make the hats red and white like they are in real life. The tree is UP! so far we have re-inserted about 3 of the bottom branches about 4 or 5 times now after work but so far so good the cat has left the tree standing and so far all the ornaments have survived his tree climbing attempts... Tonight is the last ASL class for the first batch of classes, I'm not going to be taking the second class during the winter term as they are doing them at the unemployment office (in a very very bad neighborhood) at night during that term and will wait to see if they are holding the second classes in the spring back at the school. (cross your fingers) Plus we are now about to start all the busy busy paper work that goes along with the year ending and the tax paper gathering that goes along with it. Yvonne got me set up to start taking an online class on how to digital scrapbook so i have spent the better part of the last few days in my free time downloading elements and such to play with. Haven't done a thing with them yet, in my mind they are just scrapbook clip art. kind of a thing, I'm wondering if i can insert them into the blog and play with them that away. (because if i do succeed in making a digital layout, I'm gonna want it on paper) J has a pen pal! he's so excited about that, we are thinking his first response letter should be on its way to him and arrive next week some time... He's become very interested in mail lately and notices that most of what comes in is either for me or his dad. so if you get a chance and you think of it, sending him a note in the snail mail would be really cool for him... *Ü* He only has next week for school then is off till Jan 3rd. (and i thought the turkey day break was long hee!) I have gotten requests about the what to get him thing, and the thing is he's deeply madly crazily in love with Pokemon and Yugioh at the moment... the whole trading card thing is a fairly new thing for him and its been really hard to keep him and his wallet out of the stores as we've got a few packs stashed for the 25th... (I think his chore allowance is burning a hole in his wallet) I hear the "can we go to walmart?" on a daily basis... his friends all told him exactly where in the store to find the cards... (help full little critters) I still have a few odds and ends to pick up such as the required X-mas eve new PJ's but, i am mainly done shopping now and just trying to squeeze in time to get things wrapped. Tim is more of a challenge to shop for, he won't give me any clues this year as to what he wants at all (besides a weather thingy) but i think one of his favorite things he got last year was from Gma&Gpa and it was a home depot card so if all else fails at least i know if i did get him one he could find something there that he needs... a while back there was this "perfect woman" type quiz thing on netscape or something like that and one of the answers to one of the questions was something along the lines of the perfect woman tells you exactly what she wants for a gift and where to get it and Tim said no no no the perfect wife goes out and buys exactly what she wants with her own card... so he's off the hook Santa was very good to me this year ;) told him he has to pick up his own card though he does a better job of it than i do so he says yeah because i read the cards.... ;) So pretty much life just goes on as usual.

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