WOYWW# 417 {needs put away}

 So, welcome to the mess & happy desk peeking day! you can find the link up to play along here at our hostess Miss Julia's blog. Let's see. I did have time to make a few cards last weekend because, of the kitchen's stage has a lot of drying going on in between ( a shot from last friday is below, looks pretty much the same ( 'cept there are plastic drapes hanging down trying to contain the dust from spreading everywhere which worked really well until last nights sanding session.) the good news is the rest of the putty work should be lighter and dry faster and have less sanding. ( cross your fingers on that one its hubs most un favorite part of remodeling )

 So I finished a card that had needed mailed on tuesday and that was the last thing I did on monday was add some washi tape to the flap of the envelope of that card I will flash maybe next week. ( after its received) off to the right are some envelopes that have no art on the fronts yet, just a "consider this card a hug" sentiment from a Hero Arts set on the backs. oh, and I did a print screen of the scs color combo yesterday at work thinking I would go home and make a card but, really all I did was set that down, look at the mess and shoot these shots and go play in my garden. ( put in a few annuals in planters but, not every planter there really has not been much time to be outside yet this year)

 hmmm, ok I know a lot of people have more tape than me but, I hardly use mine because, what I see is it peels back up too easy so, in an effort to use it up I am adding it to envelopes like crazy anymore because, it just does not work for me on card fronts. ( I really like the "real" texture ribbon and lace adds I guess even if it is lumpy) also seen is an old Magenta Iris stamp and the oxide inks used on that card and
a little pile of the "other" cards from last weekend, ( Inspiration, Featured Stamper, 2 trial DTGD samples)
What the kitchen looked like last friday night/saturday morning before the first rounds of sanding started. The sink will go under the window and where the 45 is cut in the wood will be an angled freestanding island.


CherylQuilts said...

Wow, Stacy, what an amazing collection of things, and I am so impressed at how many cards you make! You totally rock! And I agree with you about the washi tape. It just doesn't work for me, so I use it for other things. I like the idea of using it on envelopes. Love your new kitchen...and I know you'll be so happy to get it done and get over the major dust! Oh, that's the worst thing about renovations. Had our house tiled quite a few years ago now, but we wish we had moved out! LOL! But it's done and over...forever! LOL! Hugs! xoxo

Helen said...

good luck with the kitchen! I always use extra glue with washi tape to keep it stuck. Helen #5

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Sanding is the pits!! I hate doing it before starting painting so I sympathise. It'll all be worth it when the beautiful new kitchen is in place though :-D. I like that drawer of washi tape, it looks lovely even if you don't use it that much!
Hugs, LLJ 18 xxx

lisa said...

Looks like you have a big job on your hands there. We need to redo our kitchen and it needs taking right back to bare bones and starting again. I'm putting it off as I know it's such a huge job so good luck with yours. I like the idea of containing the dust.
Love your tape drawer, I only have a few roles but need to explore it more.
Thanks for sharing
Hugs Lisax #26

Katie @ Arnold's Attic said...

What a brilliant table of creativity.
I love the washy Tapes!
Have a super week.
Katie #44 xx

Kelly said...

I have a love/ hate relationship with remodeling and feel for you. I hate the process but love the finished product. Glad you're getting some creating in. I've been in the garden as well. Still have plants waiting for the strawbales to condition so I can plant them. And the planter boxes. so many projects, not enough hours in the day. Oh, painting is Bob's least favorite part of remodeling lol. He is so NOT a finisher Creative Blessings! Kelly #36

April Story said...

Remodeling is hard, but I'm sure you will love your kitchen when it is done. Great desk!
April #45

Lindart said...

How exciting to have your vision of a new kitchen come to fruition! About washi tape - if I am using it for a card front or on something like an ATC or my index cards, I often use some gel medium or glue to help anchor it down. I love washi tape, and you have more than I do! I find now that it's so popular the price has gone sky high and I just don't buy it anymore!Thanks for your visit earlier, Lindart #41

Sarah Brennan said...

Love your washi tape collection. I don't use it very often myself. Good luck with the rest of the remodelling. Hopefully your craft area will remain dust free. Sarah #22

May said...

Your kitchen will be amazing in the end... Love your collection of Washi tape.....I can't live without the stuff...Fabulous full creative desk.... Have a happy week Ahead May #19

glitterandglue said...

Hi Stacy. Oh my word - you are one busy lady - all those cards, the kitchen, the garden... What else do you get up to??!! It's all looking good.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #9

Angela Radford said...

Hi Stacy, sorry I'm late. I seem to be apologising for this on a regular basis at the moment. Bet you'll be pleased when the kitchen is finished. Desk looks busy, just how we like it. Happy crafty belated woyww, Angela x21x