Last tuesday's desk..

 So, these are quick snapshots of the desk from last tuesday before I made the tags that I never got around to posting on wednesday... Hopefully this week is going to go better. of course the list of things I "want" to get done is competing with the list of things that "have to" be done.

Some fun stamps from a new to me company called Two lips stamps. ( they are all pretty fun and cute so, click on the photo for it to enlarge. ) mostly I am going through my phone shots looking for ones I think I may want to have printed for December daily. but, it seems to me I got a email from Costco photo center that they have "fixed" their breach (of what ever happened for people who upload to them to print) but, the what ever had happened sometime after I got the new computer at home and I have not "re-joined" or found their store and signed in on the new one yet. so, I am fairly certain my info is fine. but, getting that email did not make me want to run out and start printing gobs of pictures again either haha.

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