WOYWW #319

Welcome to the not such a big mess, if you have not been by on a Wednesday before this part of a blog hop that starts here on our Hostess Julia's blog. and show's off crafting spaces.  Where you can find how to play along info. and some tears today as we mourn one of our own.
 well, there is also a lot of desk showing on mine this morning too... the pile of price tags came off cards sold to one of my best customers who needed a birthday card... she added 13 extra's to her pile. the butterfiles above that were done Melted pearls style and the scraps piles shows some things from one of my dtgd samples.

 Now last week on Wednesday I had a dr. appointment for my ears in Portland. (everything is fine, they turned up the volume on the left processor and I played in a clinical study for two dr.'s doing a study on balance and if having cochlear implants has improved balance)  ( so, nope I still have not learned how to blog from my phone) and you are getting a two-fer day as I did have photos in my phone before I left haha. ( stained some shipping tags with water, dylusions sprays and some color burst powders)
 and when they were dry I had looked around trying to figure out what to do to press them a while knowing I would not be home the better part of the middle of the week so, they were stacked under the Misti. and that did the trick of taking out most of the curl while we were gone.

and the way I get photos from my phone to my computer is emailing them to my self via gmail... and haha today I looked in there the gmails sent box for today's photo to just download the photo because, my email is evidently not wanting to accept mail that big at the moment and I found the photo I thought I lost. ( this was 3.00 in an antique store in Va Beach last may. it has not been inked. It's going to be later tonight before I make it back online to leave some love on everyone's desks. )


Princess Judy Palmer said...

Ha ha! Love that Kliban cat stamp! Hmmm... spellcheck thinks I mean Taliban cat. Well, now... Your desk is looking pretty tidy right now I say you go and mess it up. I know someone with the cochlear implant. I had no idea you could get the volume turned up on those things. Thanks for the visit earlier. I'm not sure I trust the hubby to not dribble (and hence no place mats) but I know for sure that the cats are very messy eaters! Judy #51

April Story said...

Crackin me up with that stamp! Glad to hear all is well with the ears. :-)
April #58

Linda said...

I love the cat!!! You have a lovely blog. :)

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Stacy, loooove that stamp, makes me chuckle. and all those gorgeous coloured tags yum what fun with them. Glad you're sorting things out with your hearing or hope you are. Enjoy your week Hugs RobynO#25

Neet said...

I have problems getting photos from my phone so thanks for the tip - now why did I not think of that? I email lots back to myself but never thought of that one. Gee!
Didn't know you had a problem with your ears. I hope this has improved with this last appointment and that you soon get the problem sorted out.
Great distressing on those tags (am I right?)
Hugs, Neet 26 xx

Shaz Brooks said...

Hi Stacy, love that cat stamp! What a find. The tags are awesome,love the vibrant colours. Hope the ear problem is getting sorted for you. Have a great week, hugs, Shaz #13 xxx

Barb said...

Wow! so many great tags there. You've had fun. I'll habe to find out what melted pearls is all about. That cat is a funny little chap. I do hope you are able to get your hearing problem sorted out soon. Barb#27 xx

Tilly Tea Dance said...

Those tags are wonderful, such a lovely array of shades. Thanks for visiting my blog to see my critters! Happy crafting x

Annie said...

Thanks for calling by at mine.....you really made me chuckle at your comment. As it's your first visit I will let you off for not knowing what dumfing is [do check out the link in my right side bar to find out more and it might have you giggling too :-) ].
I love the stamp with the singing cat :-) The nurse in me bricked up her ears when you mentioned your cochlear implants. Really hope they are successful for you.
Annie x # 20

Angela Radford said...

Love the collection of tags, gorgeous colours. Customers like that are great just the sort we like! Pleased to hear the ears are okay. Those implants are brilliant my friend's little boy was born deaf and they have implanted something similar and he is starting to talk now.
Thanks for the visit to mine and happy woyww, Angela x 30

VonnyK said...

I love the cat and those tags are gorgeous colours. I have the same trouble with getting photos from one thing to another. I just get my kids to do it for me :)
Von #11

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Isn't it amazing how the ears affect balance? I didn't realise you had cochlear implants...have they made a huge difference to your life? I didn't realise you could turn them up either! See, you learn all sorts on WOYWW :-). I do, however, know about balance issues, because I get BPPV and that gives me chronic vertigo sometimes which is not funny or pleasant. :-(
I'm so glad that your friend left with 13 cards and not just the one...woohoo!!
Hugs, LLJ 12 xx

Lizzie said...

That cat stamp! So naughty, but so funny!

A busy, busy desk Stacy... I love the colourful tags and wonder what you will use them for.

Good that your ear appointment went well. I hope you've had a good weekend too.

I finally got round some desks - it is only Monday, so hey, I have two days left!
Lizzie #61

Super Jen said...

My favorite beach towel, had it for at least a decade had that Kliban cat image on it. Made me smile! I have a couple of other Kliban stamps but not that one.