Dare to get Dirty {extra's}

This was one of the first samples I made and did not load because, the challenge that its for was Stacy's and the part that makes it for the challenge is so subtle that, I figured it was too hidden. I do like how this turned out however, its 6" square in real life. 

This was done for Tammy's as is the one below, that button Alice hauled home from her Alaskan Cruise years ago. ( its a deer horn ) that cardstock is forest foliage and I have come to the conclusion the hoarding of it is not going so well, there are only a few sheets left. and that's OK. 

This one was done also for that because, this Verve sentiment is in the same case as the other Verve sentiment I used on the one I loaded. the printed paper and base were sitting together in the scrap pile for the last little while waiting for something to come along. the ric rac and crochet lace are vintage. this ones A-2 in real life. I really enjoyed playing with that challenge and will probably do more of it later. 

what 44 projects looks like packaged... 

So, Saturday afternoon/ evening this is what the table looked like. I had (mostly) cleaned and put away stamps and tools all week, the scraps are heaping though. I had received an order from Simon Say's stamp mid week and those toys are too the left of the salt shakers I had found at yard sales that morning, had brought them upstairs sunday afternoon after they were clean and had just set them there. ( they are not in a basket ) more about that story is below.

So anyways, the half colored cardstock (when cut a 12" sheet in half for a base) those all went back into the paper rack, the larger scraps went into the file cabinet and the small colored cardstock and printed paper scraps went into a cracker basket ( didnt shoot this, but it is over flowing) there were a few piece of 3" wide scraps so those became gift card bases.

Just a different angle, found that clear container at the bed and bath store a long time ago ( think its for organizing drawers ) 

this was shot hand holding the camera in the cave, I know its blurry. hopefully it gives you the idea though, the pile on the left is previously stamped sentiments on skinny scraps of neutral cardstocks. ( these later get die cut into shapes and tags when I get around to it. ) the pile on the right is skinny scraps to become stamped with sentiments and tiny images... 

now these are something I had seen people using old salt shakers for glitter storage on pinterest over the winter and thought it looked cool, and also thought who wants to dust them? lol but, this saturday I found the tall skinny one at a yard sale for .10 cents... and thought what the heck you could always just put some of the clear in it, maybe you'd use the stuff if it was "out" where you could see it ( which is how I roll) and so, then at a few more after that yard sale found a few more stray odd shakers and thought what the heck, I think the little tiny bowl shapes are like individual salt bowls but, not certain on that one, will probably dump beads or brads in them when your sorting its nice not to have to chase them around the table. 

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