VSN Comfy Cozy Main 2012

This was done for Patty's sketch challenge. This is 6" square in real life. ended up using an Grand circles die trying to get the scale to look right just eyeballing the sketch. Thanks for this challenge Patty!

This tag was done for Dina's Cool colors challenge. The printed papers are from Basic Grey's nordic holiday line and they looked close to me for the colors ( minus the purple so, added the purple heart button and some lace for that) the snowflakes were die cut sometime last year, the blue fabric button is vintage. thanks for this challenge Dina ( you pushed me way out of my comfort zone with these colors) 

This was done for Brenda's Quilt challenge. I have had this Gina K image colored and cut out for a while now on the table and decided it would be faster to use it even though the colors are not really "Christmas-y" and most of what's on the table is... I think it works. the sentiment fades a little into that lace but, I think the random machine stitching along the plain paper helps a little. Thanks for this challenge Brenda! 

well... I did mention I have a stock pile of these tree's die cut on the table yes? from a FS card I did a while back. :) so... here is another one with some stickles added randomly to one of the sets of scraps. ( for baubles) the plaid papers are from the scrap bin as is the embossed scrap. the sentiment ( I think is a dollar bin one but, not sure this was previously stamped) thanks for this challenge Lee!

This was done for Val's use fabric challenge, and those yo-yo's are fabric... I tend to use what ever is in front of me for VSN challenges so... this tree is one that was die cut a few Featured Stamper cards ago. ( I cut a bunch of scraps trying to decide on colors and have a little stack of these trees on the table now) the sentiments from Unity. thanks for this challenge Val!

this was done for Cat's red/fire challenge... I had these snowflakes die cut previously and on the table so... ( as was the round tag ) the button is vintage and I have been hoarding it. thanks for this challenge Cat!

This was done for Tammie's photo inspiration challenge, when I first glanced at it the dog popped for me. So I hit print and when I got the print-out it printed for me kinda coppery colored. so this is mostly a color combo for that photo. It's A-6 in real life. (done with scraps and an Pre colored pre diecut image) thanks for this challenge Tammie! 

This was done for Sabrina's Everygreens & Pinecones challenge. (my pine cone die is hiding) so I added the brown sheer ribbon to the heat embossed ( snow covered) everygreens image for a bit of color. the shipping tag had been previously stained with distress inks. Thanks for looking & thanks for this challenge Sabrina!

This was done for KelliJo's shaped cookie challenge. I had received this Karen Foster stamp from and Christmas Exchange gift from MommaPatti a very long time ago and to tell you the truth the older my eyes get the more intimidating the tiny images are getting to color. but, I did try this one and stayed mostly in the lines.. lol 
The card base was done with an grand labels size and the sentiment tag was pre stamped & die cut. thanks for this challenge KJ! 

This was done for Alison's sleigh ride challenge. and this uses an pre-colored wish rak image I received years ago. ( so I don't remember who sent it sorry!) I have a request out in wish rak to see if anyone recognizes the stamps MFG info also. This is A-6 in real life. Thanks for this challenge Alison!

This Penny Black skating dog was an Wish Rak Image (a long time ago and I no longer remember who sent it sorry!) this was die cut with an spellbinders lacy die and the sentiment was prestamped & die cut. Thanks for this challenge Lynn!

I think the most comforting foods are either the ones someone else cooks for you or that you share with your family. I hemmed and hawed so much of this challenge. ( it was a real one for me.. I have food stamps, but. not the ones I wanted. they probably do not even make those things as stamps... these are the kinds of days that make me wish I could draw and all the stamp mfg very happy that I am collecting stamps instead. lol. this is heat embossed on the GKD kraft I did warp it I'm going to stick in between some books in a few to get it to relax again.This is 4 1/2" square in real life. Thanks for this Challenge Lydia!

This was done for Patty's double folds challenge. The Viva Las Vegas image was pre-colored and die cut ( which saved me on the time limit because, fancy folds are not my thing... (which is also why the edges were distressed because, when I was done folding it was a little off... so trying to hurry I put it in the paper trimmer and whacked off the bottom corner...so, out came the scissors and everything got scruffed) lol thanks for this challenge Patty!

This was done for my challenge using the bottle of bailey's as a color combo... the lace is vintage, the ribbon is generic, the printed paper is from Basic Grey. This is 6" in real life. thanks for looking.

This was done for Lisa's sweater challenge. So trying to hurry I spent most of the time allotment hunting for red, grey and black papers. Chose the mulberry and the burlap string for fuzzy-ness since my favorite sweaters are. spied the black deer on the sweater and knew I had this die. the sentiment and its mat were previously stamped and die cut. This is 6" in real life the base is a duplex Neenah which decided to crack when it was folded so out came the scissors to ruff up the rest of the edges. thanks for this challenge Lisa.

I don't normally do the kid's challenge but, this one was co-hosted by a special girl so. here is mine. her challenge was to use felt. Thanks for this challenge miss Sarah, I hope you like it. this is 5" square in real life. 

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