HYCCT gift Prize #1

Last October when the hope you can cling to challenges were on going those card challenge had sponsors from stamp companies and craft companies and such. and they offered up gift packages of what they wanted to donate I guess. ( not really sure how it works) but, one thing I know is that I have been gifted with two different ones. the first one to arrive is from Taylored Expressions. they have given me these 3 stamp sets. is that the coolest thing or what? Thank you Taylor! ( I have not had a chance to ink them up yet) on last Saturday we went shopping and bought a small flat tv to hang on the wall of the FROG ( finished room over the garage) and this is where my stamps live ( and the guys hobbies too) so, Sunday when I finished my last VSN challenge I started moving furniture and I did that all day long. so, that is what we are doing for us for Christmas this year is making that space more of a family hobby room and putting the TV where I used to have my paper rack. and I think this is going to be a really nice thing for all of us when its done. 

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Pansy said...

What an awesomely fun thing to do with the space.......that is one thing I can't have due to where my room is...is DH also doing his hobby with me.....he can't manage stairs much anymore and stairs are required for my craft area...
Have fun.