Dress Accordingly

I've had this clothing tag for some time now, if you cannot read it, it says "life is beautiful dress accordingly" came off a shirt with long-john texture material lol from kohls... so that made me curious found some shirt I had picked up for Tim that he had the tags on still ( don't ask, the man thinks anytime he has more then 7 shirts in the closet its the end of the world) And the guy shirts are different on the inside, so its just something fun. chick shirts have better hidden messages in them. Maybe someone somewhere KNOWS guys rip those tags off and never see the message folded on the inside.
Sometimes I come across this photo in my have not done anything with it yet folder and it just makes me stop and grin because, then I tend to glance at what I'm wearing at that point and it's become exceedingly casual over the last few years that we've had our fur babies and the fact that they go to work with us every day. Dog Drool on a wool suit is not a pretty sight.
... so when I turned this on to make a new post the dashboard informed me that this is the 1000th post to this blog since it was started way back when. and in the last year some extra new rubber has come my way that is either a duplicate stamp or something not me. and I hemmed and and hawed about it long enough. I'm going to give them away. so. if you'd like your name tossed in a hat for the kid to draw next week. ( lets give it 7 days) then leave me a comment.
stamps I know I have are from Viva Las Vegas and Gina K Designs. ( will shoot a mug shot of them sometime this week) smooshed my finger last night and am not typing too well yet. not sure if I will be doing much stamping any time soon either. ( have one more finished card to post later) and yes, I will ship them any place. ( but be advised the cards I mailed to a lady in Spain on Halloween were just delivered to her this week!) so if you live in Spain or Italy it may be 6 months before they reach you!


MindyYoung said...

Very cute post! Guess I'll have to start looking inside price tags more often. Do you think the clerks will get made if I just take the tag and not buy the item???

Kathy H said...

Cute story, sorry about your finger!

Anonymous said...

Cute story about the tag! Sure hope your finger feels better soon.

reflections:0) said...

I have a tag issue. LOL I love to use them for cards so I get Stac. Sorry about your fingers. :0(


Paula said...

Oh I have a tag collection too! I've used one or two over the years, have to go dig them up. I remember you (I think) from another stamping board, and you don't post there anymore. So glad I found you.