Be Mine Mouse FS261

Painted some diamond glaze on Monica's heart but, it soaked in while it was drying and it doesn't have much dimension to the touch now that its dry. totally loved the featured stampers huge bow on her card and tried to recreate it, this is 3 pieces of ribbon. the first snip was just big enough to wrap to the back sides of the heart ( bo bunny ) pp and its taped to the back of that the other two longer pieces were tied together then moving the ends in a X shape lifted cross pieces to make bows make a loop with one side in one hand and one in the other and tie them, then lifted the two strays and did the same thing. so they really the knots were on top of each other and just fussed with them a bit to try and get them fluffy. ( there are a few huge craft glue dots under that) the vintage rayon pink crochet thread ( holding on the MM ticket) is just wrapped around the bow top and taped to the back also because, it did not want to stay tied in a knot.
So, bright and early sunday morning I peeked at Darsie's gallery and came across this Christmas Gift Card and thought oh how very elegant, then peeked at the House Mouse and friends challenge blog ( two hearts on the project) and kind of mooshed it all together in my mind and this is the end piece. I have not linked this card to the HM blog challenge though because it is Darcie's design and such. I do like how it turned out. tossed a lot of paper in the process first embossed frame was done on some pink vellum cut it out on both edges making a window frame... then decided oh you really should stop sewing everything esp. when your trying to case a card. so, tossed it into a Xyron... big mistake. dang thing hasnt been used in so long it was dusty inside... so, the see thru frame had lots of dirt pasted into the glue ( Im rolling my eyes here) oh yeah its a total pain in the neck to peel something that fragile off the xyron paper too so was too busy patting my self on the back for getting it off in one piece to notice the dust until it hit the pink cardstock. oh well, so switched gears and found some Basic grey pp to use instead and the pink textured paper under that is unknown (now ) probably used it recently but, have forgotten. maybe provo craft maybe creative imaginations. might just give this one to hubs... haven't decided that yet. This is 5X7 in real life.

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