New Tree

That little white felt moose on the left is one of the first Christmas Ornaments we ever bought, ( BiMart like 1988 ish for probably less then a couple dollars... the cut tree towards the right is from Hallmark this year )
The Fake tree we bought in 1990 at K-mart for 75.00 has finally been retired WHOOO ;)
we found this one at Homedepot on Saturday and because, they had their trees on sale they sold them all except the display one. ( this is that one ) its only 3 pieces and it came with the white lights wired onto it.
If you squint at it, its almost a "white" tree with the dusting of white stuffs on the ends of some branches. there are two different kinds of longer needles on it with brown and white pinecones too.
Its 7'.5" tall, so although that is the same size as the old tree, this one is taller and fuller.
was trying for an blurry lights type shot, probably have to try again after its all they way dark outside. before these were shot, I had read several links on pinterest that to get great shots of your tree at night in the dark was to use the highest ISO your camera would do ( the 3200 shots I took looked like crud) and to go about 2.8 for your fstop and shutter about 1/50 to 1/30th...
all of the above shots are ISO 100, F 2.8, Shutter .3 on a tripod in the early evening not quite dark outside yet with an 16-50MM at 45MM.

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LindainNCtoo said...

I thought that I saw "dusting" on the branches. {nice} find at the store!!

Lovely tree!!