VSN (from last night)

One of the challenges for VSN this weekend is to use sequins ( rodeo theme... all that glitters is not gold its sequined lol) so anyways, on thursday night I had colored this I break for stamps mermaid and my mind said oh maybe you can cover the tail with some... knew i had vintage sequins (yard sale find years ago) knew i had never used them... they turned out to be much bigger then the scales on her tail though so just dropped them below for lumps and bumps, the bigger floral shaped ones are hand sewn to the cardstock then they looked a little neeekid so dumped some glass seed beads on to the centers of the sequins with diamond glaze, then decided it needed more beads ( which at after 7 pm and still 91 degrees this dries waaay faster then it would have in a winter vsn) She's colored with copics and outlined with an gellyroll stardust pen and maybe some copic spica ( my pale green in that does not seem to have as much ink/mica in it as the other colors i have dont know if its a dud or if its just that shade, but there is a bit of that on there too) cut out the tips of her tail and pulled them up trying to make room for the sentiment panel to fit. this is 5X7 in real life. probably should have quit there... but oh no seen there was a brayer challenge... ( and yes, I AM brayer challenged...) everything looks like a muddy mess usually, tossed 3 pieces of cardstock in bin before almost got some colors on this one, ( have to throw it away this morning) gonna skip yard sales this weekend and try to get some stuff cleaned up and put away around here. wash laundry, think about the other vsn challenges... you know good stuff. probably gonna try this again with distress inks, the challenge says you MAY use sponges or brushes but... gonna try it some more with the brayer. and this uses a ton of baby wipes cleaning that thing off inbetween color changes and such.

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Thanh Vo said...

Gorgeous card, Stacy! I'm normally not a big fan of sequins, but WOW this is amazing. Works so well with the image you chose.