Shepherd's Market Booth Display

Shepherd's Market craft bazaar booth friday morning right before it opened. Friday AM I needed to provide an raffle item for the school to use as part of their fundraiser for this craft bazaar and i filled a small basket with a bakers dozen individual Christmas gift tags. Which i did have a group of ladies who seen this basket in the raffle line up and that made them stop by the booth to buy cards. I left this years basket "open" so people could finger through what was inside of it. These baskets ( what was left of them two have been removed for being empty as was the spinning thread holder) are only half full. I sold that many cards. I have since packed up an box to send to OWH ( see side bar for links) It was a long, fun two days. I'm glad it only comes along once a year though. :)

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JenMarie said...

FABULOUS set up, Stacy! Your creations are BEAUTIFUL!