Camping Butte Falls

Friday afternoon a place in butte falls hubs likes to do the fall late season deer bow hunt... he says to me, your gonna need mud boots it rains their constantly... lol... in all these years this is the second time he's seen so much snow there... ( good thing i bought snow boots with rubber bottoms) Interesting bark ,eh? Saturday's Snapshots... Snowed so much saturday morning the gazebo tent thing collapsed under the weight of the snow... that is J starting a fire again. Hubs and I took a walk together saturday afternoon to find this creek. (knee deep in the snow uphill both ways ( no joke) lol... only fell down once, once was enough.
Sunday's Snapshots In case you were wondering, Yes its Cold outside... J made this snowman while were hiking on saturday but there wasnt much light to shoot in when we made it back to camp. Storm Grace

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Janice M said...

Beautiful pictures!