Bosses Day

So, today when i walked into the office there was an package on my desk... and June came in and said Happy Bosses Day! :) so, I was like really or did you make that up? (haha) and she said really there is such a holiday (it was last weekend i guess but, they took a vote and decided to do it on today)... the package contained an glass fingernail file with green crystals one side of the handle ( have never seen this before, its very cool) works too.
so Later Tim says.. so who do you think its really for? you or me and so of course i had to say ME because, ( i got a bagged gift afterall) ;)


laurlynn said...

Well he got cake, right?!

Congrats, what a fun Monday!

LindainNCtoo said...

Great to start a Monday like that instead of Friday, which was Boss' Day.

Yummy lookin' cake, too.