Trying too hard

Some (mostly simple) ones from sunday ( a week ago) this one above started as a sheet of elegant bouquet embossed cs that came to me from Catcrazy ( Thanks Janice!) added some pink stickles for the heck of it, then thought ok punch a window hole... check find a circle sentiment, ah too small... ok lets not toss it... punched the loopy border edge along the pink top and though hmmmm got this tim holtz swirly die recently and cut a scrap of that and though maybe.. not sure i like this at all but, its not a total waste either... This yellow su ribbon came to me via wish rak from renski in the spring/summer exchange box ( this is the card base i thought i was gonna get that stipple gardenia on to lol) so added this tiny sentiment ( that was originally done to go on the other card) and though stop... its "ok" or rather ha good enough....

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LindainNCtoo said...

I like these, Stacy!!

Up my alley for sure to "copy".