Wealth of Time

I am always amazed at those people whose comment is "I Don't know where you get the time to stamp" where do you find the time... the secret answer to this is of course you don't find time you steal it... ;) {and the floors only get moped once a week thank you very much} Got this SU set from Alice's last party "Sense of time" love this sentiment, it may be hard to read embossed but, it says" An Unhurried sense of time is in itself a form of wealth" The more solid looking watch gear parts are from another SU the blocks say 2005 on them, the little bit part one (behind the rabbits feet) is also SU and has mint green rubber. The Rabbit is from 100 Proof Press. This is A-6 in real life. Hope you can steal the time you need for yourself to play a bit today too!


Karen said...

You're right! And I hope to steal some time from myself too.......I'm in need of some creative time!!! And I agree, that I've got to find it and take it! :>

Love the combo of stamps here! I always like clocks, sprockets, and sprogs. Mix those up with a great sentiment and fun Rabbit and its a creatively fab way to remind me to make that time...thanks! :>

Leigh Anne said...

OH now this is really cool!! love the mebossing & the torn vellum - love it overall

LindainNCtoo said...

I like the look of stamping on the vellum, but also the seeing through it to see the pattern on the card.

Very nice!